A real insider's tip is the "Lorelei Gallery" in Oberwesel on the Rhine

steel engravings, copper engravings, etchings, wood carvings, half timbered antique houses, german castles

A real insider's tip is the "Lorelei Gallery" in Oberwesel on the Rhine, a wonderful antique shop in the Holzgasse (a small side street full of old half-timbered houses), on the corner of Liebfrauenstrasse 41. The shop offers up to 150 year old original old steel engravings, copper engravings, wood carvings and etchings of the Lorelei Rock and all the castles and towns along the Rhine and in the Rhine River valley at really bargain prices. Some of the copper engravings of the Rhine are 350 years old!

I've never seen such a choice of original old steel engravings, wood carvings and etchings of the Rhine area. There's only a small sign on the door, which is always closed, and there is no shop window, so you need to know that it's the first door on the left just 6 meters if you walk into the Holzgasse around the corner from house number 41 on the main street (Liebfrauenstrasse).

However, do be sure to give the proprietor a ring shortly before you want to arrive, as he never opens the door to unannounced guests! On the other hand, if you call and make an appointment in advance, it's not a problem to visit the shop and see this fantastic collection of antiques late in the evenings or at weekends. The number from outside Oberwesel is 06744 7404, and if you're calling from town – there are phone boxes on the cruise boat landing stages, in the town center, near the railway station and near the hospital – leave away the code and just dial 7404 or 711270. If you're taking an evening stroll in Oberwesel, it's directly between the Hotel Restaurant Romerkrug and to the "Historische Weinwirtschaft" (Historical Wine Inn).

The antiques dealer also has innumerable impressive oil paintings of almost all the Rhine Castles – but these he won't be persuaded to sell. The shop is as good as any museum, so don't forget to make that call – you won't regret it!

Oberwesel has an old tradition in wine-making,
wine-tasting is also available to single travellers, many wine cellars can be viewed and there are guided tours to the various surrounding vineyards

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