Rhine River cruise from
Cologne to Koblenz ( Coblence ) or Boppard

The former customs castle Pfalzgrafenstein is located on a small island in front of the wine town of Kaub and is one of the most famous sights on the Rhine.
Most guidebooks recommend a day-long Rhine River cruise from Cologne / Koln / Köln to Mainz – we suggest you start your tour in Boppard, as the 90 km between Cologne / Koln / Köln and Koblenz are not so interesting to see by boat – it's quicker and better to take a train or a car.

The Rhine River between Cologne / Koln / Köln and Koblenz / Coblence is not as hilly as the Middle Rhine area between Koblenz and Bingen / Rudesheim, and apart from the short stretch from the Siebengebirge near Remagen and the Drachenfels ruin, there are no castles and fortresses to be seen from the boat.

The 21 km between Koblenz and Boppard are dotted with various castles and ruins (for instance: Lahneck Castle, the Marksburg, and Stolzenfels Castle), but the Rhine valley is still fairly wide here and doesn't offer the romantic nature of the stretch between Boppard and Bingen / Rudesheim.

To get to Boppard it's best to take an "Interregio" train which leaves every 2 hours from Cologne / Koln / Köln main station. The Interregio is almost as fast and comfortable as an Intercity with the added advantage that it's not subject to a supplement and you can travel straight through without having to change at Koblenz (Coblence).

Start your half day Rhine River cruise in Boppard on the Rhine ...

Rhine River cruise questions and answers

Cologne / Koln / Köln and Mainz on Rhine River are about 170 km apart. The average cruise boat travels upstream (Cologne / Koln / Köln – Mainz) at about 13 to 15 kmph. The upstream journey can therefore take between 11,5 and 13 hours. Therefore you have lost a whole day without sighting one castle up close.

Only along the 60 km of the Middle Rhine between Koblenz, Coblence and Rudesheim / Bingen there are about 30 castles, fortresses and ruins.

If you are coming from the northwest – Cologne airport, Dusseldorf, Paris, Amsterdam, Luxembourg:
start your half day Rhine River cruise in Boppard on the Rhine ...

If you coming from Frankfurt airport

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